Organizer:China Security and Protection Industry Association

The 14th China International Exhibition on Public Safety and Security, Called "Security China 2018", held in China International Exhibition Center (New Center), on October 23-26, 2018, in Beijing. It would attract more than 1000 exhibitors and 150,000 visitors from China and abroad to discuss the business cooperation, and total exhibit area amount 106,800 sqms. New products and technology including AI, Facial Recognition, Robot, UAV and Information Security etc, would be displayed.The show would be in the theme of "Building Safe China, Service the Belt and Road, and Innovate Intelligent Security".

CCTV Surveillance and Protection Systems; Police Communications and Applications;
Security Systems for Community Safety Protection; Personal Body Protection Equipments;
Building Intelligence and Automation Systems; Networking Alarm Systems for Vehicle Anti-theft;
Security Alarming Systems; Security Hardware, including Anti-theft Door, Lock etc;
Access Control Systems; Intelligent Traffic Products and Traffic Safety Facilities;
Anti-explosion and Contraband Detection Equipments; Things of International (IOT) Technology and Application;
RFID Products and Technology; Anti-counterfeiting Technology and Application;
Biometrical Identification Technology; Information Safety and Protection Porducts;
City Counter-terrist Equipments; Security Products for Civil Application;
Emergency and Rescue Equipments; Other Security Products
Police Equipments and Special Vehicles;  
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